Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why'd the Owl Cross the Road?

The other day in the city I got hit by a car. For some reason, I thought the flashing red hand at the crosswalk was the universal "high five" symbol for crossing the road successfully. "YO! High FIIIIVE MAN! You're crossing the STREET!!! WAY TO GO BABY!!!!"

I wasn't sure why it was flashing red, of course, but then I figured I was being alerted to dangerous sidewalk congestion in the area. "Emergency! Get off the curb NOW!!!! You're blocking other pedestrians!"

After all, pedestrians have HANDS don't they?  "LOOK OUT FOR THE PEDESTRIANS!" If someone wanted to warn me about high-speed vehicles, wouldn't they flash an image of a red CAR instead of a red HAND? You would think, wouldn't you?

Anyway, lesson learned on that one.

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