Friday, November 27, 2009

New Demo "Run" Available for Free Download

Here's a link to a free download of Glenn Page Music's latest pop confection, "Run"...

Free Download of New Demo, "Run" by Glenn Page Music
(The download button is a couple of inches to the right of the profile pic.)

The words and music are by Glenn Page; the performance/production is by our good friends over at (No, that's not Glenn singing on there!)

Please feel free to listen, download, put it on your ipod, play it at your sister, play it at your dog, pipe it into major league baseball stadiums, hum it at the DMV, whistle it while having sex, and play it on the kazoo while tobagganing down the Swiss Alps at 250 mph. Wheeeeeeee!

Or, you could just ignore the link, click off of this page, and get back to looking at videos of Lady Gaga dressed like a mummy on crack. Now, which would you rather do, honestly?

Wait, don't answer that.

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