Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Album Reviews I Don't Even Need to Finish Reading, by Glenn Page

"For their fifth album, these indie darlings..."

 "Opening a lyrical vein for the world to see, he not so much sings, but mumbles, his tortured poetry over a muted musical soundscape which creates a rich tapestry of emotional pain and draws the listener further into the depths of..."

 "Combining their unique brand of fizzy alt-pop with the introspective smarts of Brooklyn-esque lo-fi and the savage grace of their post-emo contemporaries..."

 "On this, a welcome return-to-form..."

 "Over the course of nine solemn, dirge-like tracks, the band explores their rustic roots and shared love of Appalachian folklore..."

 "Kicking off the album with a quirky number about your significant other's taste in coffee drinks and favorite authors might seem odd to some, but..."

"Although ostensibly a jam band, their last release was a straight cover, from end-to-end, of Ke$ha's 'Warrior' album. Their latest, arriving a mere two months later, finds the band applying their formidable musical chops to Kenny Rogers, viewing him through a psychedelic prism and re-imagining the country icon's entire back catalog as..."

"Clearly inspired by punk visionaries like Green Day and Blink 182..."

"The pop princess shows us yet again that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, as no less than ten of the twelve songs on her new album rail at ex-lovers who dared..."

"Only two days into January, and already on most critics' lists as a fierce contender for 'best album of the year', no one is likely to top..."

"On edgy new tracks like 'F*ck All Bitches', this brilliant musical satirist turns a funhouse mirror on society and offers up a scathing indictment of consumerist culture..."

"No one can deny the 80s were, by and large, musically barren..."

"To all the naysayers who insist rock is dead, check out this stunning debut by..."

"Abandoning the intricate songcraft and multi-layered beauty that defined the bulk of their earlier work, the band opts for a more 'organic' sound this time around, banging out twelve warts-and-all numbers, most of which evolved from nine hours of jamming on two chords..."

"If Kurt Cobain had lived..."

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