Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's Day Song Lyrics: 100,000 Sandwiches

Last year I wrote and recorded a Father's Day song. This year I've been working on a Mother's Day song, but I didn't finish the lyrics in time for the holiday. Here they are. - Glenn

"100,000 Sandwiches"

100,000 sandwiches is what she made
A different sandwich every single day
Ham and swiss or tuna fish with mayonnaise
Your mother made one every single day

She would wake up early every morning
And packed your lunch while you were still in bed
And drew some funny faces without warning
Your friends all saw and you wished you were dead

But 100,000 sandwiches is what she made
A snack or two was tossed in every bag
Non-descript chips, I don't know which, I think they were Lay's
With carrot sticks to balance out your swag

You would save your favorite for the finish
And tried to trade your veggies with your friends
But you would never trade a single minute
Knowing what you know now
If you knew it then

That even when she spread herself too thin
She still got up to do it all again

And 100,000 sandwiches were custom-made
Peanut butter with a little j
Cut in two and crust removed, you had it made
'Cause your mother loved you every single day
Yeah, your mother loved you every single day
100,000 times more than words can say

- Glenn Page, May, 2015

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