Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Comics That Time Forgot #1

I was rooting around in my old papers this weekend and I came across some comic strips I had drawn in the early to mid 90's. Some of them were funnier than others, but unfortunately many of my favorites also contained a good number of inside jokes. So, in the interest of accessibility, I decided to post a couple of the more "audience friendly" strips online. Maybe eventually I'll post some of the more esoteric stuff as well, or excerpts from them, if people are curious enough.

The strip below was originally envisioned as an ongoing strip with me and my buddy Jon commenting on various tv programs. Notice the obvious Reg Smythe ("Andy Capp") and Don Martin (Mad Magazine) influence on the characters, most notably exemplified by the large, bulbous noses. There's also a touch of Gary Trudeau in the "watching tv" format and static scenery, even though I'm not a big Doonesbury fan.

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