Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You Know What We Need? A Peppy Pop Song About Existential Nothingness!

I’m very pleased to add a new demo to my MySpace page, "Cosmic Orphans," which has always been one of my very favorite original compositions. I wrote this song back in the 90’s, during a somewhat darker time in my life. The driving force behind the lyric was that feeling we all have eventually when we wonder if we really are alone in the universe and ask if there’s a deeper meaning to it all. It’s about that moment in your life when you realize we can really only depend on each other, but even then we have trouble bridging the gaps between us. Or some such happy horse-**** like that.

"C.O." has always been a sad, reflective song, but I thought it might be nice to also have a more "rocking" demo, since not everyone is as moody as I am! (Hard to believe, I know.) Fortunately, Payton Stiles and the good folks at Music City Studios stepped in to produce and perform the version you hear on MySpace. Their patience and skill helped bring this demo to life and I am greatly in their debt. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Find it here:

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